VA Aid and Attendance (Pre Oct 2018)

December 27, 2019 ---- Category: General Knowledge

The VA Aid & Attendance Benefit is a non-service connected pension available to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses to help with long-term care expenses including assisted living and in-home care.

Eligibility for VA Aid & Attendance:


Veteran had 90 days active of service with one day during a qualified war period:

a. World War II: December 7, 1941, through December 31, 1946, inclusive. If the veteran was in service on December 31, 1946, continuous service before July 26, 1947, is considered World War II service.
b. Korean Conflict: June 27, 1950, through January 31, 1955, inclusive.
c. Vietnam Era: February 28, 1961, and ending on August 5, 1964, in the case of a veteran who served in the Republic of Vietnam (“in country”). Otherwise, all inclusive from August 6, 1964 through May 7, 1975.


Claimant (applicant) must be in need of aid and attendance (assistance) from another person with (2) Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) from the following: bathing or showering, dressing, eating, getting in and out of bed or a chair, and using the toilet.


Each candidate is evaluated on a case-by case basis for qualification.

a. Income: the person must be spending a majority of their income to qualify for the benefit. Medical expenses may be deducted against income to qualify. Income includes: social security, any pensions, long-term care insurance benefits, annuity payments, and interest & dividends. A candidate must be spending all of their income on care expenses in order to receive the maximum benefit amount.

b. Assets: there is no specific limit for qualifying. Factors such as age, marital status, health condition, and income are used to determine the net worth limit.

4. BENEFIT RATES (2019):

The VA Aid & Attendance benefit is paid on a tax-free monthly basis directly to the veteran or spouse. These rates may increase annually.

Married Veteran: $2,230
Single Veteran: $1,881
Unremarried Surviving Spouse: $1,209


a. Original/certified copy of vet’s military discharge (DD214):
b. Asset Verification: most recent bank & investment account statement(s)
c. Income Verification: Social Security, pension, disability income statement(s)
d. For Married Veterans and Surviving Spouses: copy of marriage certificate, documentation of previous marriages
e. For Surviving Spouses only: copy of veteran’s death certificate

For the Department of Veterans Affairs guide to pension and representation for VA Aid & Attendance claims click here.

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