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Picture of Alan WattMy name is Alan Watt and I am a VA Accredited Claims Agent; a claims professional advocating on your behalf to the Department of Veterans Affairs. I would like to give you a little background about what my team of experts and I do.

Marie, Trudy, Marjorie, Connie, Verna, Jane, Margaret; Norman, Howard, John, Wallace, Arnie, Albert, Paul, Larry, Ronald… and the list goes on.

Who are all of these people? They are veterans and surviving spouses of veterans. The list includes some real war heroes including a US Marine who was at Iwo Jima, and several Navy Pilots. It also includes some veterans who did not see any action. One in particular is an enlisted gentleman who served as a lifeguard in San Diego during WWII.

The list is diverse, but they all have something in common. I am glad to say that each and every one of them had their VA disability compensation and pension claims approved. Together, my team of experts and I worked long and hard and stood up to the VA until we were able to claim victory for our veterans. I am proud to say that I help U.S. veterans and their families get the benefits that they rightfully deserve. By using my experience and knowledge of federal veterans law, rules & regulations, I am grateful to have served hundreds of veterans who sacrificed so much for our country.

VA Accredited claims agent

Being a VA Accredited Claims Agent, I often get asked if I am a veteran myself. My response usually is, “not exactly.” I go on to say that while I never served in the U.S. Military, I have done time on the battlefield… it’s known as Detroit, Michigan. I am actually a former Detroit Police Officer who was assigned to the Tactical Services Section, so I have experienced my fair share of firefights.

I tried to enter the Navy twice (nuclear engineer on a sub, intelligence analyst) but I was denied each time for pre-existing medical conditions. Ever since then I was searching for a way to be able to serve veterans. I decided that if I could not answer the call of duty myself, I could at least help those who did serve our country.

When I discovered that I could become accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs as a claims agent, I jumped at the chance. The day that I received my accreditation after all of the background checks and testing, it was one of the proudest days of my life.

Becoming a VA Accredited Claims Agent is not easy though. Applicants are required to demonstrate a full knowledge of federal veterans law, rules & regulations. Continuing education is also required to maintain the accreditation.


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